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Dear sirs! You are interested that by(with) such Fire protection and the fires that you have got to the address. On the given site the experts of fire protection can   to you assist and consult in questions of fire safety. If you have questions and wishes - press here. At us you can familiarize with a database (which will constantly replenish) normative, managing and accompanying documents, which Are used in fire protection of Russia. Already now you can visit a fire-technical exhibition, where can look photos and learn(find out) characteristics of the modern fire-technical equipment, and also learn(find out) where it is possible get. We invite you to glance and in a virtual museum of fire protection of Russia, to learn(find out) a history of development of engineering and fire protection. At us even a virtual staff department is open, where you will find the information, how will be arranged to us on work, to look at divisions of fire protection of Russia, which have the representations in the Internet, and also to visit schools of fire protection and to learn(find out) a lot of useful information for wishing to go on our stops. Want, read news about fires and fire protection, to learn(find out) statistics on fires and to look interesting photos from fires, at last, be simply dared above jokes. Here you can receive advice(councils) of the experts about there how work in different extreme situations. Well and if want to bring in the contribution, write in our guest book.

Our site FIREMAN.RU still to be in a stage of development.

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